On-Site Hard Drive and Media Shredding

Absolute destruction and physical shredding services can be performed on- or off-site for all types of hard drives or media tapes.

This service can be customized to meet any security requirements.

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"After a recent acquisition, we were consolidating and closing data centers from multiple locations into a new facility.  It was critical to make sure all data was securely erased on-site before old equipment left the building to be remarketed and recycled.  In addition, our compliance department mandated that Guardian perform an audit to verify all assets for disposal and capture the serial numbers off each hard drive and associate it with the server where the original drive resided. Guardian's expert team made the process flawless, securely erasing all of our old drives, as well as handling the disposal and recycling of the obsolete equipment."
– Charles Bentzinger, Merck

Case Studies

A Fortune 500 publishing company needed to securely destroy over 10,000 media tapes containing sensitive data, along with decommissioning and removing a Sun L5510 tape library, including cataloging serial numbers. All materials needed to be recycled in an environment-friendly EPA-approved manner.

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