The Art of the Shred

The Art of the Shred

Like any true artist, they choses the media that they want to work with, Guardian Data Destruction has chosen shredding as their canvas. Guardian has over 8 years of experience, shredding millions of drives to be a master at the art of shredding. Our style of art emerges from the collaboration of multiple hardware and devices that we worked with to master the universal art of shredding all forms of e-data.

As one of the original pioneers in this industry we approached shredding as an art form to better understand how to master it. As in art, it has taken constant adjustments and experimenting with different equipment and technique to perfect the art of shredding. GDD has mastered the art of shredding while incorporating the highest level of safety and security procedures when performing data destruction for our customers.

Our clientele understand that the data is more valuable than the equipment it resides on. This realization in today’s society goes well beyond corporate big data and extends to trade secrets, credit card information, personal banking, healthcare and social media accounts. If you value your data and never want to be hacked or become a victim with your company name in the headline of tomorrow news, engage Guardian Data Destruction to securely destroy all your data through the most effective and secure method of shredding. Guardian has taken the art of shredding and transformed this into the highest level of data destruction at any location in the US.

GDD Shredding Services Includes:

  • Hard Drives
  • Optical Drives
  • Smart Phones
  • Credit Card Swipes Devices
  • Tablets
  • Tapes Drives
  • Solid State Drives
  • Mother Boards
  • CD Roms
  • Thumb Drives

Guardian Data Destruction will be your most reliable source for a clean digital slate. It is our goal to continue the learning process on all new technology and how we can continue to keep you and your information safe and secure. From On-Site Hard Drive Erasure and Shredding, Hard Drive Degaussing, Site Decommissioning to Asset Disposition, Guardian Data Destruction is the smartest answer. Contact your Value Added Reseller today to learn more about our mobile data destruction fleet. You couldn’t make a smarter choice!

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