Ignorance is bliss, right? Well, not always. When it comes to discarding old and used computer hard drives, ignorance can get you into a lot of hot water. Leaving data on old computers intended for lease return, remarketing or recycling can be very dangerous for your customers, clients and your company.

Those hard drives—even the ones you thought you erased and re-formatted with your own hands—can still contain highly sensitive information such as credit card information, social security numbers, company trade secrets and any other data that was ever entered.

To prevent important information from falling into the wrong hands, here are five guidelines everyone should follow when returning or disposing of old computer hard drives:

1. When you trade in your old hardware for new hardware, make sure proper disposal and onsite data destruction of the old equipment is a condition of the new purchase agreement.

2. Do not try to cut corners by deciding not to use onsite hard drive disposal services. Hiring the right company with expert knowledge about data erasure will cost a lot less than a lawsuit if customer information is compromised.

3. Include indemnification and liability transfer information in your disposal contract to relieve your company of any further accountability or possible litigation.

Remember, hiring a company like Guardian Data Destruction to properly erase proprietary and private information from your hard dives is the best choice. We offer several services to fit everyone’s needs from onsite hard drive erasure and shredding, to packaging, removal and transport. For more information, contact us now.

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