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Guardian Data Destruction understands that you have a choice. Simply put, working with Guardian Data Destruction will minimize data destruction-related risk and liability.  Our Mobile IT Lab comes to your location and erases data (either non-destructively, or physically destructive, as appropriate) so that sensitive data never leaves your facility.

Browse through our case studies to see why Guardian is the #1 choice in data destruction.

Fortune 500 Publishing Company

This project consisted of destruction of over 10,000 media tapes containing sensitive data along with decommissioning and removal of a Sun L5510 tape library. The Client required that tape destruction be witnessed by Client’s staff and include logging of all tape serial numbers. The tape library, which weighed over 6,000 pounds and was the size of a small room, had to be dismantled and removed with minimal disruption to the Client’s operations. Upon removal, all components were to be recycled in an environmentally friendly, EPA approved, manner.


Fortune 500 Retailer

This project involved 350 PCs and over 1000 hard drives. Client requirements included certified hard drive destruction, IT asset removal, and environmentally friendly recycling. This work had to be performed with complete accountability and certification. The PCs were located in multiple locations, on multiple floors, across many buildings. All work had to be completed with minimal interruption to the Client’s operations.


Fortune 100 Bank

The customer was looking to refresh 500 systems loaded with Windows 7 and several proprietary software applications.The project had a tight delivery schedule and specific site level requirements. The customer invited 3 VARs to bid on this project which caused the pricing to be very competitive. All the proposals met the specific requirements for the configuration and delivery dates. No proposal stood out based on pricing or compliance with the terms of the rfp.


Financial Software

The Client needed to erase 5 terabytes of data on logical hard drives in an out sourced data hosting farm. This erasure had to meet DOD standards and, since the hard drives were shared, traditional on-site data erasure and destruction approaches could not be used. Over a period of several months, the Client unsuccessfully contacted numerous vendors seeking a solution. Finally, with one week left on their lease, the Client turned to their Asset Disposition Company who has been a very successful reseller of Guardian’s on-site data erasure and destruction services.


National Discount Chain

The client upgraded the register servers at over 200 stores located throughout the US and Puerto Rico. The hard drives from the decommissioned servers in each store contained customer records and credit card numbers. Moving the decommissioned servers with this data on the drives would have been in violation of Red Flag, DPA and PIC DDS regulations covering data leakage that could result in identity theft and credit card fraud. Therefore, the drives had to be stored securely in each store until they could be properly decommissioned or destroyed.


Global Tech Company

The facility was a 100,000 sq/f data center with raised floors, over 900 server racks, telecom patch/panels, top run cable trays and associated wiring, metal security cages, seismic bracings and air handlers. The requirement was to catalog all components in the rack, remove and shred all hard drives on-site, remove all tech components from the building and then coordinate the recycling of equipment. The data center was to be left broom clean and free of all cables above the floor so the client could commence with the removal of the raised floors. The time frame allowed for this project was 22 days, meeting construction contractor’s time line.


Fortune 500 Insurance

Due to continuous growth and need for more and faster technology, this multi-billion dollar insurance client was decommissioning the first of 3 StorageTek, 9310 PowerdHorn Tape Silos.

In two of their facilities, the North West and Central Plains, two robotic tape silos, each containing 960 tapes, needed to have the tapes securely shredded on-site. The serial number of each tape needed to be captured for the Certificate Of Data Destruction, then each silo needed to be completely dismantled and extracted from the facility, clearing room for new equipment.


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