A Sunnier Security Outlook On Using The Cloud

A Sunnier Security Outlook On Using The Cloud

Some industry analysts predicted that by the year 2012, about 20% of businesses would own no IT assets. Between cloud-enabled services, virtualisation, pc and smart phone use on corporate networks, they projected the need for cloud security would be that much greater. However, there are certain specific guidelines for reducing cloud security risks:

  1. Identify assets being moved into the cloud. These will be either data or applications/processes.
  2. Be Selective. Some data may be best handled by in-house corporate data centers while other parts can be migrated over to the cloud via platform-as-a-service arrangements.
  3. Determine the importance of data being moved to cloud and risk level if it unexpectedly had public exposure.
  4. Institute the proper security systems including on-site inspections of cloud providers, data encryption programs, audit and data retention systems, and cloud provider compliance standards.

Taking all these precautions are necessary. However, what happens to the security of your data when you move off the cloud or move it from one cloud to another? Depending on who owns that data, this kind of data cloud migration effort leaves your sensitive confidential content highly vulnerable to a potential and unexpected attack. It is therefore mandatory you have security policies in place to destroy data on the old cloud as a preventative measure. In such a situation when cloud hard drives are shared, traditional on-site data erasure and destruction approaches cannot be employed. Although Guardian Data Destruction offers these traditional methods, our innovative engineering has led to special technology to erase that data inside the cloud. This has enabled us to access logical drives in the cloud, confirm their identity and erase them.

From On-Site Hardware Erasure & Shredding, Hard Drive Degaussing, Site Decommissioning to Asset Disposition and Cloud Data Security Guardian Data Destruction is the secure, compliant and cost-effective answer. Contact us today about our mobile on-site IT Lab.

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