Creating a “Security Blanket” for Data on the Cloud.

Creating a “Security Blanket” for Data on the Cloud.

To be direct and to the point, just because your data may be stored in top of the line data centers with SAAS providers like Google or Salesforce doesn’t mean it’s 100% secure. A noted analytics firm reported that last year, as much as one third of companies using SaaS applications had data losses. And for good reasons. They included user errors when some employees accidentally deleted or overwrote files. In addition, these losses were also due in part to hackers or other cybertheft attempts. Furthermore, when an application is modified and then closed, the data is automatically updated but rendered unretrievable.

Solution providers note that SaaS users need all of the traditional security measures like compliance tools, backup and recovery tools, encryption, archiving and e-discovery.

Some of the other security steps to be taken would be storing data in a separate location and enabling users to manage their data lifecycles. As an example, instead of keeping an ex-employee’s Google Apps account open so current employees can access it, a special archiving tool can permit instant access to that information, eliminating the company having to pay for the account no longer needed by the ex-employee.


Maintaining data storage in one central location is unquestionably a preferred strategy used In cloud-to-cloud backup. By contrast, when data is siloed in separate locations such as Google Drive data in Google siloes and Salesforce data in Salesforce silos, managing each application gets very complicated because these separate silos don’t communicate with each other. Therefore, this move to store everything in one place will translate into applications being built on top of solutions. In short, backup will create exciting innovation.

It’s one thing to put this “security blanket” in place on the cloud. However, that is only half of your total cyber security story. Statistically, as much as 30%of all businesses neglect the back end of the data life cycle. That’s where Guardian Data Destruction comes in. We’ve got your back! Our specialty is in protecting data at the end of its life cycle by our On-Site Data Destruction Services., Guardian helps you fully enclose your data security policy by addressing the risk of data at rest and end- of-life data. Contact us today about our mobile on-site IT lab.

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