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When you’re not offering onsite data destruction as part of your IT asset management program, your client’s reputation and future are on the line.

No matter the electronic equipment, the complexity, the industry or the location, Guardian Data Destruction is your single source provider of data eradication. Secure. Compliant. Absolute. If you don’t see a service or option that you need, talk to us. We know data destruction. And, you’ll be surprised how easily you can protect your customers and look like a hero.

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We understand the data destruction and reverse logistics market like no one else. And we have the expertise to help your business shine and grow.

Onsite shredding for hard drives, tapes and solid state drives

When you need complete, absolute destruction of hard drives, magnetic tape, motherboards...

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Onsite erasure solutions for hard drives

Hard drive erasure is the perfect solution for lease returns, large storage hard drives or...

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Onsite degaussing

Degaussing is an NSA-approved method of data destruction. It’s simply a demagnetizing...

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Asset Disposition and Recycling

Stop risking your clients’ reputation. And future business. Just include data destruction...

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Data Center Decommissioning

Powering down and dismantling a data center can be tricky. And high risk for exposing...

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Packing, Shipping and Logistics

An extension of onsite data destruction and data center decommissioning services. Or...

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