Growth of Guardian Data Destruction

Growth of Guardian Data Destruction

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How much do you really know about us here at Guardian Data Destruction? Are you familiar with what we’ve accomplished? How we started? Or how we’ve grown over the years and bloomed into a successful company within the data destruction industry? To start off, twelve years ago, Glenn Laga, founder and president of Guardian, was assigned with packing and shipping old IT assets for a large cellular company where he had hundreds of computers that needed to be erased and shipped back. This sparked realization in Laga, that if this cellular company had a desire for getting rid of old data, it’s guaranteed others would have the same need. Based off that, Laga took initiative and pioneered a service which resulted in the creation of our portable IT erasure lab that allows us to wipe data on-site, the genesis of Guardian Data Destruction.

Data protection has become more complex as technologies are being updated and becoming more sophisticated. So how has a small company like us impacted the industry of data security? Our friendly, yet very focused and hard-working employees here at Guardian make the job look easy! And with our NAID AAA certified technicians who are committed to protecting your sensitive data from the second it is in our possession until it has been physically destroyed, you are guaranteed a trustworthy, stress-free process. Guardian has steadily grown into a greater business in which we offer our physical data destruction, degaussing, and shredding services both nationally and internationally. We are continuing to develop, expand and offer new services like Clear My Car Data and are dedicated to help secure our clients’ personal privacy and lessen the risk of becoming victims of identity theft.

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Not only do we strive to protect our clients, but we are focused on staying green as a company and work to protect our planet. When dealing with bulk amounts of steel hard drives and scraps on a daily basis, recycling in this environment is essential. With the process of shredding and recycling, you eliminate the chance of the wrong person finding your valuable data on that old abandoned piece of equipment.

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In the years to come, when the world becomes more digitized and technology becomes even more advanced than it is now, the need for data destruction services will be at an all-time high.

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