Guardian Data Destruction Employee Spotlight: Roel Menendez

Guardian Data Destruction Employee Spotlight: Roel Menendez

As Guardian Data Destruction is committed to serving our clients, we want to turn the spotlight on a member of our team who consistently demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to both our company and our clients. Meet Roel Menendez!

Q: Roel, what is your role at company?

I’m the Logistics Manager (the guy that moves everything). When Guardian receives an order from a client to pick up equipment to be clean wiped, I make the process happen.

Q: Who do you work with?

In my role I work with suppliers, coordinating workers and trucks for both local and out of state jobs. Also I oversee the warehouse when the orders come in, tell the technicians how the clients want their equipment audited, how they want it destroyed (shredding or degaussing, etc.).

I also work closely with the clients to understand their needs. This knowledge is critical in matching the right technician to the right job to ensure that the contracted data destruction is done to the client’s satisfaction.

Q: What is your biggest challenge in your role?

Multitasking. I work with people in the warehouse, on the road, in other states and different time zones. So I have to be very organized and into the details.

Q: Tell me what the experience of working at Guardian has been like?

I’ve been with Guardian for five years, seeing it grow from the very beginning. Glenn’s (Laga) vision has definitely paid off. And, he knows how to delegate well, trust his people and empower them by awarding responsibility when he sees strong performance.

Q: In your view, what has made Guardian successful?

It’s our commitment to the client. We’re always striving to complete job to the fullest, if we have to go the extra mile, always putting our clients first. And, we adjust to the unforeseen. We understand that their businesses are dynamic and evolving, so we do whatever it takes to accommodate their needs. At Guardian, you won’t hear us say, “Hey you hired us for this and so we’re only going to do that.” We have no problem adjusting to meet their needs and keep them satisfied. Clients love knowing we’ll do what we need to do to make the job happen for them


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