Halloween Horrors That Keep Data Professionals Up At Night!

Halloween Horrors That Keep Data Professionals Up At Night!

Halloween is almost here and that means there will be lots of stories of ghosts, goblins and ghouls that lurk in the night. These classic horror stories are meant to scare children and send chills running up your spine all in the name of Halloween, but they are just that…stories. There might be a real horror story writing itself, as we speak, in the place you would least expect it – your data center. While scary movies might cause you to lose a bit of sleep, we have a few of the nightmares that keep data professionals up deep into the dark night abyss. Why is this you ask? These ghastly ghouls can wreak havoc on your soul, your profit and ultimately the bottom line.

Ghostly Assets

One minute it’s there; the next it appears to have vanished into thin air. These missing assets — along with their stored data seem to vanish like Casper the friendly ghost, only to return with a much more sinister motive. Losing assets containing senstive data can cause nightmares for a company, costing them thosands (even millions) of dollars in fines from regulatory boards like HIPPA and PCI. When an asset vanishes into the night, there is no telling where it will end up. So keep a close watch for these ghostly assets.

The Walking Data

Just like a zombie from The Walking Dead these assets appear to be dead. They have been stabbed, smashed and beaten to a pulp but they just won’t die! Data assets that are improperly disposed of can come back to life, even when you are sure that they are dead and will not wreak havoc on the living. What is even scarier is that unlike The Walking Dead zombies, these zombie assets don’t all die the same way. It takes more than a stab to the head or a clove of garlic to kill some data assets. Do you know how to kill your data assets?

The Data Dead Zone

How do you get out? Can you ever get out? The Data Dead Zone is a place where dead, or dying data assets lie in limbo. Getting these assets from The Data Dead Zone to safe haven is not a task for the faint of heart. When things go wrong – and they usually do, assets can get lost and we all know the horrors of Ghostly Assets (see above). It takes a trained professional to navigate The Data Dead Zone and get your assets to safety. DON’T TRUST JUST ANYONE!

There you have it. A few Halloween horrors that keep data professionals up at night. These ghastly ghouls can seriously harm your profit and bottom line, causing stress that no one can imagine. Protect yourself from these horrors and trust trained professionals with your data assets. Need help? Give us a call (888) 556-WIPE

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