It not all about that Bass, that Bass, that Bass

It’s all about that Data, that Data, that Data, no Breaches

The holidays are a busy time of year – not just for decorating, shopping and family gatherings, but for data breaches and identity theft too. That is why it’s more important than ever for companies to properly protect propriety data belonging to their clients and customers. Don’t be a Data Grinch this season by taking shortcuts and not disposing of sensitive information correctly. Instead, be a Data Clause and give yourself the gift of hiring a company that knows how to decommission and destruct of data the right way.

In addition to a data breach or identity theft being troublesome for the public, it is also detrimental to the business itself. Besides seriously tarnishing a company’s reputation, the financial implications are overwhelming. A 2014 study named “Cost of Data Breach: Global Analysis”, sponsored by IBM, revealed the average cost to a company is 3.5 million dollars and 15 percent more than what it cost last year. Preventing data breaches can be difficult, but there are a number of ways companies can be proactive. Doing things like creating and enforcing an encryption policy, stopping drive-by downloads, performing regular vulnerability assessments, and having a remote backup data service are just a few important prevention tactics.

However, not only is the protection of proprietary data important, but its disposal also needs to be taken very seriously. So many breaches are caused by the theft or loss of data backup tapes. By hiring a company to shred and dispose of data, this can be easily avoided. For example, Guardian can send its mobile IT lab to your location to perform hard-drive erasure, which ensures any and all data is completely wiped before the equipment ever leaves the site. A certificate of destruction, which confirms that data has been removed, is even provided and up to 400 pieces of equipment can be wiped per day. We can also provide other one-stop data destruction solutions involving decommissioning, data destruction and logistics.

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