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Become a Guardian Value-Added Reseller and provide your customers with onsite, secure and compliant data destruction services


The slightest data breach is a risk no company can afford. Demand for secure, compliant and absolute erasure and destruction of hard drives and other computer equipment is growing. As assets reach end-of-life or end-of-lease, and as data centers refresh or move to the cloud, your clients understand the risks that may occur if their private data reaches an unwanted recipient.

As a Guardian Data Destruction VAR or services provider, when your customers are discarding or purchasing any type of data storage equipment (phones, tablets, hard drives, computers, etc.), you will be prepared to respond, and impress while growing your business.

Your Customers Want Your Benefits
Data Protection and Security New, incremental revenue stream
Compliance with corporate, legal and regulatory requirements Full training and sales support services
AAA-certifications, leading edge equipment and chain of custody documentation One-stop, mobile data destruction service from the largest fleet in the industry
100% secure, compliant, absolute data destruction ONSITE Onsite data destruction as a line item

“30% of data leakages occur because someone takes discarded equipment and finds valuable data on it. The bigger the data, the larger the risk for a big data breach.”

Status of Equipment Onsite Erasure Onsite Shredding Onsite Degaussing Onsite Data Center Decommissioning Onsite Inventory & Reporting Packing & Logistics
Leased checkbox checkbox  checkbox  checkbox checkbox checkbox
Owned checkbox  checkbox checkbox checkbox  checkbox checkbox
End-of-Life, Idle or Retired checkbox checkbox checkbox
Redeployable & Remarketing checkbox checkbox checkbox checkbox
For Donation checkbox checkbox checkbox checkbox checkbox checkbox

Guardian Data Destruction is an onsite, single-source solution for decommissioning, data destruction and logistics. We eliminate the risk of even a single data breach that could arise during transport of live data from your facility by bringing our mobile data destruction fleet to your customer.

Contact Guardian Data Destruction at 888-556-9473 (WIPE), ext. 1 or to learn more about Value-Added Reseller opportunities.

Secure. Compliant. Absolute.

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