Quantum Computers: How They Could Affect Us in the Long Run

Quantum Computers:  How They Could Affect Us in the Long Run

IBM research advises, “Anyone who wants to make sure their data is protected for longer than 10 years should move to alternate forms of encryption now.” Why is IBM warning us about this? The future of Quantum Computing. Quantum computers will be able to instantly break the encryption of sensitive data protected by today’s strongest security methods.

Security experts are warning the world that a large amount of the private data we have today will be cracked and exposed in the near-distant future and there’s nothing we can really do to stop it. It is said that quantum computers could come into play as soon as 5 years from now. This technology applies the properties of quantum physics to process information and will use algorithms that can break and decrypt encrypted information. Quantum computers operate on completely different principles compared to typical computers and when this happens, our data and information will be an open book. Quantum computers will be able to reveal all the current encrypted secrets we have now and allow anyone and everyone to read and see it. There would be no privacy and hackers would be able to steal our private information without even breaking a sweat.

Researchers and cybersecurity experts are quickly trying to develop new technology and encryption methods that will be resistant to quantum hacking. One “quantum-safe encryption,” is said to be safe from being decrypted by both a regular or quantum computer.

Guardian Data Destruction can’t stress enough, the importance of taking the right safety precautions to keep existing data safe.  We believe everyone needs to take precautions and protect their old data and used electronics. It’s a very scary thought to think that your own data like your address, bank accounts, and/or your encrypted emails and text messages could be available for anyone to access. And although that’s a worrying thought and security might be an issue when quantum computing arrives, it has the potential to instantly solve some of the world’s toughest computing problems that would usually take millions of years to solve and it will enable new discoveries in different fields.  If these experts successfully develop their quantum-safe encryption to keep our data safe within the next five years then this could open up a whole new world of discoveries free from worry about our data being exposed to the world around us.

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