Recycling – A Creative Perspective

Recycling – A Creative Perspective

Tasked with shredding over 1 million credit cards from a major CC company, we thought we would take a break this week from the serious side of data destruction and talk about the practical dilemma for what the public should do with their credit cards after they expire.

Short of blunting your scissors- perhaps there is another way of recycling your old credit cards as first suggested by Mr. Wastie in 2014.  (The absolutely perfect name for a recycling junkie.)

So for the millions of cards expiring out there, here are a few practical suggestions from Mr. Wastie:

  1. Pan scraper

Now if you don’t like the idea of soaking pans and dishes for hours to get rid of dried food, then using an expired card to scrape the pot or pan instead is a quick and nifty solution. Get rid of dishpan hands – use an expired credit card!

  1. Ear Bud Holder

A great way to keep you head phone nice and neat and ready to use.

  1. Shoehorn

Another surprisingly handy use for an expired card is to use it as a shoehorn. Not only does this save on purchasing a shoehorn in the first place – it also stops you damaging the back of your shoes.

  1. Guitar Pick

The crafty and musically talented among you can also use an expired card to make a guitar pic. Just trace an existing one on to the credit card and then just cut them out.

And the helpful list goes on….But in the meantime, if recycling credit cards, personal data, mobile phones and any other sensitive information is a serious concern for your enterprise, consider the benefits of retaining a NAID AAA certified electronic data destruction specialist to ensure the complete and secure disposal of a variety of your electronic media.  Ask your the professional for a recommendation for a local data destruction provider- unless of course you would prefer to add more creative ideas to MR. Wastie’s list.

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