Safe Keepings and Useful Tips for Your Smartphone

Safe Keepings and Useful Tips for Your Smartphone

As smartphones become our gateway to the internet we need to understand how to effectively use them while staying safe and maintaining our privacy. Two-thirds of the United States population own smartphones and the majority don’t fully understand what their handheld computers can do. With these guidelines and tips from Guardian Data Destruction, you can stay smart, secure, and ready for any cellular incidents.


· What’s Google Assistant? – Android’s new solution for “google-able” moments – By holding the home button on your Android smartphone, Google Assistant will recognize what you’re doing instantly. If you are emailing your boss about next week’s technology convention, Assistant will suggest related services, Maps will open up with the convention’s address, your phone will call the convention’s provided number, Chrome will open up their website, and your calendar can save the date.
· Automatic Backup with Google Drive and cloud. Data and applications autonomously back up through Google Drive and you can manage your backup to view any applications and saved data.


· Get Hot – iPhone’s personal hotspot can be accessed if you have good cellular connection (not Wi-Fi) and can share with laptops or other devices through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB.
This offers secure connection at the cost of slow browsing and quick battery drainage.

With today’s ease of access to smartphones, it will be most beneficial for any consumer to take time to understand their mobile devices for efficiency and safety purposes. Protect the data on your phone. You don’t want to become a victim of identity theft. Guardian Data Destruction is your only choice for protecting your data.

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