Onsite degaussing

Onsite degaussing

Degaussing is an NSA-approved method of data destruction. It’s simply a demagnetizing process that erases hard drives, disks, reels, cassettes and magnetic tape.

For Department of Defense (DOD) classified data, drives must be degaussed prior to shredding.

Why degauss?

Hard drive degaussing is a cost effective method of data destruction. The process is complete, quick, silent and clean and meets NSA and CESG requirements for sanitization of classified information.

Magnetic storage media can be recycled but not reused once degaussed.

Guardian offers more

With our mobile data destruction trucks and global partnerships we can degauss just about anything anywhere. Onsite degaussing eliminates the risk of data breaches, theft or loss in transit.

Our standardized processes and flexible approach create a consistent process that fits neatly into any client’s project scope and any VAR or ITAD’s partner agreements.

Guardian follows a hands-on project management policy so that any issues (there will inevitably be one) are vetted, communicated, escalated and resolved as quickly as possible.

Our 15+ years of data destruction service and NAID AAA Certification keep us up to date to meet all regulatory and legal mandates.

NAID Certified and NIST equipment. Always.

Trained, bonded, uniformed workforce with security clearance.

Degaussing service options include

  • Device serial # scan
  • Inventory validation and reconciliation
  • On your schedule.
  • Full audit with reporting
  • Rigorous chain of custody documentation
  • Compliance audits and reports
  • Certificate of Data Destruction
  • Video monitoring
  • Onsite, offsite or hybrid
  • Lockable storage and secure cases and cages
  • Recycling

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