Asset Disposition and Recycling

Asset Disposition and Recycling

Stop risking your clients’ reputation. And future business. Just include data destruction as part of your ITAD and recycling program.

Before IT equipment is recovered, remarketed or recycled, be sure that confidential data has been securely zapped

What’s left for a data breach? Nothing.

Guardian Data Destruction works with IT Asset Disposition and recycling partners to integrate onsite data destruction as part of their corporate ITAD and recycling contracts. With the mobile data destruction truck that pulls up to any facility (anywhere), onsite data destruction immediately eliminates any risk of live, harmful data leaving with IT equipment. With Guardian’s thorough processes, not even Elvis can leave the building.

Calculate the cost of a data breach

Frankly, it’s not even guessable. Regaining customer confidence and returning to sunny sales forecasts is a PR and marketing nightmare once a data breach reaches news headlines. The reputation damage can last years.

But it’s easily solvable.

One line item is your preemptive strike

Onsite data destruction is a minimal addendum to both project timing and budget contracts – practically invisible. ITAD partners control costs and have full accountability and protection of all equipment. And, you’ll stay informed with captured data right at the time of pickup.

Bottom line, your proactive ability to prevent a data breach with onsite data destruction is a win for your customer and your long-term relationship.

Recycling and E-Waste removal

Risk management teams are often unsure what to do with highly sensitive or data-laden equipment. Especially when the hardware is old and has no real value.

The choice is often to do nothing. Or, lock their old IT equipment up, successfully converting it to a “forever” inventory problem that has a new set of risks that grow with time and personnel changes.

At Guardian, our partners work with companies that have stockpiles of old equipment and can’t even begin to identify risk. We offer effective, lawful and environmentally-friendly solutions that make even your most difficult client satisfied.

Always complementary (never competitive)

Guardian Data Destruction offers ancillary services that make your ITAD/recycling programs and customer relationship stronger. Whether it’s chain of custody certification, onsite data destruction of any kind or packing, shipping and logistics, warehouse Guardian has the flexibility and experience to meet your client requirements.

Expand your options

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Offer (instead of avoid)

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