Shred Your Way to Safety: Paper & Electronics

When going through an individual’s daily routine of leaving the house, leaving the garage, and ultimately getting out of the car, everybody’s automatic reaction is to close and lock the doors behind them, no questions asked. It’s just what we do constantly, and these general safety steps have been ingrained into our daily routines that we don’t even have to think twice about it.  However, many people are not aware and haven’t created these types of cautious habits when it comes to keeping their sensitive information safe and by the time we find out there’s been any sort of security breach, it’s often already done and too late to stop. Guardian Data Destruction encourages you to be proactive in keeping information like your personally identifying information safe to avoid major security threats. Here are two ways you can help yourself.


We have entered a digital age, yet work places are still using a large amount of paper.  When working in an office, your desk is bound to be cluttered with a million different paper documents which accumulate over time and most likely has important information all over it.  Although the chances of someone physically coming into your office and stealing all your documents is less likely, it is not impossible and it does in fact happen. The safest thing to do with sensitive documents is to neatly file them away instead of leaving them out in the open.  For the papers that have no purpose and you no longer need anymore, it’s best to shred them to keep people from being able to access it. Keep your workplace clean and safe from any risk!


While shredding is usually associated to paper shredding, the sensitive data that you have on paper is very likely to also be stored in an electronic form as well (cause like mentioned before, we are in the digital age) – for example, in a form of a hard drive. Shredding guarantees that the data is unrecoverable. That being said, Guardian Data Destruction specializes in destroying hard drives and we safely and securely destroy a range of devices that hold sensitive information, and not solely hard drives. Our mobile shredding trucks travel on site to make shredding devices like USB Drives, tablets, media tapes, smartphones, memory cards, etc. easy and secure for you.

Guardian Data Destruction believes that people should be more aware of these risks that they are facing by not taking the right precautions with their old data and electronics. We are dedicated to helping you eliminate all these risks in your life.

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