Smart IT security means having a smarter IT security staff with an even smarter “back-end-of-data-life” IT security company

Smart IT security means having a smarter IT security staff with an even smarter “back-end-of-data-life” IT security company

While all your employees should be responsible for IT security in one way or another, it’s the IT staff that bears the real brunt of IT security protection. In this rapidly changing era of advanced technology, that means they must constantly be updating their education in IT security innovations all the time. This education comes in many forms.

Some IT professionals update their knowledge on personal time using free websites. However, it’s a known fact that internet information is not always verifiable and can be misleading. What’s more, there is no certification program in place to validate mastery of this knowledge.

A more costly means of education are regimented courses providing security certificates or degrees. Security certificate programs are shorter sessions focused on just one or two topics. Degree programs can be much longer, lasting several months, and include everything from labs to homework requiring much greater in-depth time commitments.

Specialized organizations offer yet another source of updated security information. These groups are suited best for more experienced and educated IT staff but generally feature learning programs that are limited to short presentations.

While all this education works further to enhance your overall in-house IT security efforts, the back end of life data cycle, the final stage when all hardware and contents become obsolete, is possibly at highest risk for exposure for devastating data theft. This is the time when everything used for security including passwords, firewalls, clouds and more mean nothing to preventing unexpected security breaches. What’s more, most IT staff is not trained or properly equipped to prevent dangerous data theft from happening at this juncture. The result? Your company can be highly vulnerable without proper and safe data destruction and recapture methods.

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