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We Are the Trusted Experts in Data Destruction

Guardian Data Destruction has a simple mission: destroy data

We partner with ITADs and Value Added Resellers (VARs) to deliver best-in-class onsite asset disposition services. Our NAID AAA certification, NIST-compliant equipment, expertise and trusted processes mean that no one has to worry about a data breach from end of life assets.

Data protection needs are increasing

With more and more hard drives, computers, and smart devices bought every day, the risk is buried in the memories of business devices and tools. And, as enterprises move to the cloud or relocate, there’s often valuable and confidential data on those discarded drives, media and equipment.

Guardian is your best defense against a data breach

Our single-source data destruction services remove the risk of a data breach. Working with our VAR and ITAD partners, we develop asset disposition programs that meet their clients’ compliance and security goals: hard drives, tapes, tablets, remote worker laptops, USB drives, mobile phones, data centers, shared server farms — even smart printers that have memory. Guardian’s eTeam risk-reversing plans that make our clients look good and their client’s PR people, IT folks, legal team and risk management staff happy.

Guardian is where you are

Headquartered in Northern New Jersey, Guardian has the largest fleet of mobile trucks located at 23 service hubs throughout the continental U.S. Our international partners help us serve the needs of Fortune 500 and global enterprise companies. The numbers speak for themselves: a Guardian mobile truck can shred up to 5,000 hard drives a day or wipe 300 computers in a single day onsite. Anywhere in the US.

Industries we serve

Guardian provides our partner ITADs, VARs and MSPs with client end-of-life services as part of IT asset technology programs so they can focus on bigger things. Since our founding in 2004, IT asset management has gotten more complex. As a single source provider, we can reduce risk, reduce cost, reduce overhead while improving your customer relationship. And you can be assured of compliance and security. No matter what industry, Guardian works with you to satisfy the requirements of the project, every job role, regulation, and corporate policy.

  • Finance, Financial Services, Banking
  • Data Center, Cloud Providers, Technology Companies
  • Pharmaceutical, Healthcare
  • Research & Development
  • Legal, Corporate
  • Insurance
  • Publishing
  • Education
  • Real Estate, Property Management, REIT
  • Aerospace
  • Government, Nonprofit, Public Service
  • Hotels, Hospitality
  • Automotive, Trucking, Logistics

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We understand the data destruction and reverse logistics market like no one else. And we have the expertise to help your business shine and grow.


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Data destruction isn’t complicated but there are best practices and nuances that match compliance and risk assessment.



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