Why an Approved E-Waste Recycling Program Can Give You Piece of Mind and Save You Money

If you are replacing IT equipment, de-commissioning a data center or planning a hard drive destruction program, there will be a lot of e-waste that needs to be recycled. In addition Guardian Data Destruction eliminating the risk of a data breach, the e-waste recycling aspect of Guardian Data Destruction incorporates a no land fill policy.

In addition to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, there are a total of 25 States that have regulations that ban electronics like hard drives, servers, computers and printers from entering landfills. These laws require that you properly dispose and document your e-waste recycling and hard drive destruction program.

What’s more is that these e-waste recycling laws typically do not have any expiration. Meaning if you do not dispose and recycle your e-waste, and/or have a proper hard drive destruction program, your hardware can be traced back to your company, then you can be fined even if it is found 10 years from now.

Guardian Data Destruction is EPA-Compliant and has a Non-Landfill Recycling Program that is an effective and environmentally safe e-waste recycling and hard drive destruction so you can be assured to dispose of obsolete or end-of-life IT equipment. This means that we are green and our clients benefit from our efficiencies in ensuring that none of these products are ever going to a land fill.

Watch this video to see how your computer, laptop, printer and other IT hardware comes back as everyday household items.

Call us today to learn how your IT assets can be resold and give you either a credit or revenue share of any product that is sold by Guardian Data Destruction.

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