Electronics Packing-Logistics & Asset Recovery

Electronics Packing-Logistics & Asset Recovery
Our experienced team can provide removal, packing and transportation of any IT equipment to any location within the US and Canada.

Asset Recovery and Reverse Logistics services:

Control costs and have full accountability of your equipment with our Asset Recovery and Reverse Logistics services. The visibility of captured data at the time of pick will insure and verify that your assets are fully protected and recovered.

Our services include:

Security and Value Recovery

  • Onsite part and serial number capturing
  • Real time data exchanges
  • Inventory serial number cross-references
  • Visibility and accountability of assets in transit

Packaging and Transportation

  • Customized packing levels
  • National footprint including Canada
  • 24 hour response time
  • Regional consolidation of pickups and deliveries
  • Flexible transportation — same day, next day, two day, deferred, LTL, truckload
  • Any size — any location

Special Services

  • Inventory and warehouse management programs
  • Custom project site deployment and asset recovery
  • Time specific pickups
  • Email notification and coordination with technicians
  • Serial number protocols
  • Swap outs and roll-outs
  • Web interface and online order entry

Our experienced staff, from customer service to the local driver, will provide you the with the level of service you need for security and peace of mind and if you’d like more information about data destruction download our ebook!

Happy Thanksgiving From Guardian Data Destruction!