Data Center Decommissioning

Data Center Decommissioning

Powering down and dismantling a data center can be tricky and high-risk for exposing residual data. Make it easy and secure with an experienced single-source provider.

Managing site decommissioning from start to finish

Whether you’re moving to the cloud, switching to colocation services, retiring end-of-life equipment, centralizing operations, or just updating to better and faster equipment, a safe, secure takedown is essential.

Our goal: eliminate surprises

Guardian’s experienced eTeams travel to any location and remain onsite through the entire equipment removal operation. Our decommissioning process includes review and verification by an experienced project management team so that we’re prepared.

Forget mess and stress

Guardian specializes in customer confidence and peace of mind. From our first client call, you’ll have full visibility and control over the developed, onsite decommission project plan. By project end, you’ll be left with a clean, empty space that has met every type of security, compliance and logistics request.

Replace finger pointing with single source expertise

It’s rare that IT decommissioning doesn’t include some elements of data destruction, lease return, data center equipment removal, packing and shipping and more. As a full service, single source provider, Guardian provides a full 360° of services to ensure complete accountability, improved efficiency and will be better equipped to deal with unforeseen problems. In other words, you’ll have a completed job that exceeds all expectations. And, if there are unexpected “surprises” (there inevitably are), you’ll be impressed with our responsiveness and agility.

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Pull clients in

Every businesses’ data destruction project is different. That’s why we have a full range of services to meet every client’s requirement (or whim).


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